The Leftovers…

“Cattle are great recyclers—whether they are grazing a corn stalk field after harvest or eating those leftovers once they have been transported to the feed yard.”

Here is a glimpse of what is happening as Winter turns to Spring in Nebraska. Bar U Ranch cattle do not have access to crop aftermath (here is our Winter feeding program:, but many farmers and ranchers in Washington do feed their cattle on “leftovers” throughout the Winter.

Feed Yard Foodie

Most of the cow breeding herd and young calves in Nebraska garnish the bulk of their winter nourishment grazing the leftovers of crop fields.  The roughage and corn that remain in the field after harvest (the leftovers) provide an important source of winter feed for cattle.

During corn, soybean, and wheat harvest, some of the forage of the plants along with a small amount of grain is left in the field.  This feed can either be baled for future feed use, or can be grazed by cattle.  On our farm, most is baled for future feed use at the feed yard, but we do use about 100 acres for fall cattle grazing and winter horse grazing.

When the tulips bravely show their heads and the alfalfa begins to green, it is time to take down the portable winter fences that were needed to keep the cattle and horses…

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2 thoughts on “The Leftovers…

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging and sharing my post! We are
    in the midst of crazy spring weather–as I type this we are having
    a winter thunderstorm/blizzard all at the same time! Nebraska
    weather never ceases to amaze me…But the moisture will help to
    make our grass and crops grow this summer. All the best,

  2. Great informational post Anne! We are getting some odd early Spring weather out here as well. Kind of unpredictable day to day, but we certainly will not begrudge the moisture!

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