RWL’s 2013 in Food and Farm Parody Videos

It’s the end of another year. Cattle raising and hay making continued on the ranch. RB grew from a babbling, drooling, wiggling baby, to a babbling, drooling, walking/running toddler. I started this blog. I found gray hair(s). I found a good hair stylist (hallelujah). I tried beef ice cream. I happened upon a few great recipes that I just had to share with you. These were my favs:

Fresh Tomato, Beef & Bowtie Pasta

Dijon-Glazed Corned Beef with Savory Cabbage and Potatoes

Italian-Style Meatballs

Pepper Crusted Trip Tip with Garlic-Sherry Sauce

I’m sure some other stuff happened, but what I’d really like to write today is thank you. Thank you for taking a moment here and there to visit the blog. It means a lot to me and my family. A lot of times, we can feel like we’re just watching a discussion about food and how we grow it through distant, pontificating opinion-makers on the internet and television or agenda-driven documentaries that weave a one-sided, critical narrative. It even goes on in the advertising of food marketers, competing for consumer’s consciences and disposable dollars (probably the worst medium to find info about how food is raised, IMHO). But the blog brings the discussion right to the ranch. So, I hope the blog adds to the food dialogue, in a good way and I really look forward to carrying it on into 2014.

As a way of thanking you, I’m sharing one of my favorite internet items of the year: the “pop-music-meets-the-farm-parody-video”. These are entertaining. And they are informative, in a roundabout way. The only thing that really sets these farmers and ranchers apart from the rest of us is their mad lyrical talent and video editing skills. Otherwise, you’re viewing some average American farms and ranches, worked by real families. I get the impression that folks think this is the exception, when it’s really the standard today in agriculture, as it has been for generations. Without further delay, be entertained.

RWL’s Top 3 Farm Parody Videos of 2013:

#3: BALE! (Sail Parody) The Peterson Farm Bros.

These boys are talented young farm stock. While this video isn’t their most popular, with “only” about 330,000 views, I love how they perfectly describe the hay harvest season.

#2: What Does the Farmer Say? Farmer Derek Klingenberg

I mostly love this because every time we watch it, RB can’t help but start bobbing his head and doing a baby dance.

#1: Ranching Awesome (Thrift Shop parody) Farmer Derek Klingenberg

Seattle has Macklemore and Kansas has Derek Klingenberg. And aren’t we glad to have them both.

With that, Happy New Year!

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