Friday Video #Felfie

In March, I had the chance to spend a few days at Lake Chelan with other young farmers and ranchers, talking about a lot of things that matter more to young farmers and ranchers than other people. But one of the topics we spent a great deal of time on was answering non-farmers’ questions about how food is raised and how to communicate better. And as you might expect, spirited young agriculturalists have a competitive streak in them. No more than 24 hours after our little conference adjourned and we were back to early spring chores, a social media #farmerchallenge was posted to us.

The farmer challenge is to create and post a video of ourselves on the farm, and explain “what’s growin’ on” right now. I took the one-take, no make-up video #felfie (for review, that is a “farmer selfie”) route here. No make-up photos were all the rage on the Today Show and People Magazine earlier this year, so while I’m a little behind, I’m gonna pretend I’m part of a pop culture trend. Not an impressive feat of video, but you’ll see our spring cows and calves and if you watch to the end, there is an announcement of sorts. Happy Friday all!

Do you have a question about how beef is raised that could be answered with video? My challenge to you is to ask in the comments below!

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