International Food Bloggers Conference day three: more techie than beefy

You can read my review of day one and day two of the conference here and here.

Sunday was the last day of the conference. Despite the pendulum of beefiness swinging wildly one direction to the other, I really enjoyed attending IFBC for the first time to see what it was all about. It might be worth it just for the pun-rific Twitter banter.


I met a lot of fun, food loving bloggers in person and digitally over the weekend and I’m looking forward to following their culinary adventures. Also on the technology side, I really got a lot out of the learning sessions I attended on the third day, one about video production and another a brush up on SEO (search engine optimization).

Both actually happen to come in handy as I prepare to launch a new series on the blog. I’m pretty excited and a little nervous about this one because it is awfully personal. The SEO tips I hope will help me reach my intended audience — other moms trying to manage their nutrition, weight, and (mental) health with a growing young family. The video session helped immediately, as a couple days after the conference, my friend Chef Kirsten Helle  and I took over the farm kitchen to record a series of six video segments featuring healthy beef recipes. Eek. Written word is my natural medium, but I am so excited to share beef recipes and tips moms like me can use on a regular basis in the form of brief videos. I employed several of the tips Seattle-based Erin Coopey aka The Glorified Home Chef presented.

Okay, that and this quickie teaser video is all I’m going to share for now, but look for the “Post Preggo Project” to launch next month!

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