Bacon wrapped meatloaf and fried egg sandwich


Rancher actually passed on this in favor of a jumbo bowl of Rice Crispies. Our breakfast styles differ. RB is having peanuts. Because toddlers are nuts.

I must have a good dose of protein in my breakfast. Carb-y breakfasts make me feel shaky by mid morning. Does anyone else have this issue? The fact that my baby’s internal clock is that of a farmer’s and we’re up by 5:30am everyday also probably plays into my need for a substantial morning meal. I mean, those eyes are WIDE open.

I’m also a huge fan of using leftovers. It’s usually the shortest route between me and a protein laden hot breakfast. The general rule of cooking lately is that I only make what I think I can finish before having to change yet another diaper. Hence, bacon slices haphazardly wrapped around loaves instead of tightly braided in an impressively perfect pattern like I’ve jealously spied on other blogs. Show offs.


And I only got that done because my mother was here for a visit. And Grammies be crazy about their grandkids, dirty diapers and all. This was not my best attempt at this recipe, I’ve done better.


But it was plenty edible and cooking dinner for my family is one of my very favorite things to do. I pretty much muddle through the rest of the tasks of wifery, but I love feeding these people I love!


And what a couple of helpful kitchen helpers! Not so much.

If you too could start your day with a hearty helping of breakfastfied meatloaf, declare it in the comments! It might help me convince Rancher I’m not crazy. Thanks for having my back!

4 thoughts on “Bacon wrapped meatloaf and fried egg sandwich

  1. I will go a long way for a hot and hearty breakfast. Like you, i operate better that way. And, i grew up that way. My dad was a decent breakfast cook, but he always thought that if it was good for dinner, throwing it in a fry pan and heating it, really guaranteed that it was good for breakfast too. Plus, I bet that my brother and I were the first, (and only?) kids in our town that were lovingly served chocolate oatmeal, (hot), in the A.M (Need i say that that was a loooong time ago). You weren’t finding it in the store. Hash, spaghetti, meatloaf, and other dinnertime stars were all seen at breakfast at one time or another. .

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